Recipes with citron fruit oil

Olio al Cedro
Olio al Cedro

Recipes with Citron fruit Oil

White salad


Prepare a salad with diced fresh cheese and endive, cut into julienne strips and chicken breast previously boiled cut to fingers.

Season with a sauce citronette from Citron fruit Oil and a little lemon juice.
Marinate for two hours and serve with small cream puffs stuffed with ricotta cheese and chives. To serve with a young and fresh Trebbiano d´Abruzzo DOC white wine.

Risotto cedrato


Prepare a risotto frying finely chopped leek in Olio di oliva extravergine, then adding rice and vegetable broth. After cooking, stir with butter, a bit of cream and Citron fruit Oil.

To serve decorate with grated citron fruit peel, making sure not to use the white parts. We recommend a white wine, Chardonnay IGT Colline Teatine.

Salmon Tartar


Finely chop the salmon fillets, taking care not to chop them too small; season with salt, pepper and add chives and Citron fruit Oil; place the tartar into single-dose forms and marinate in the fridge for a few hours.

To serve on the plates, decorate with parsley and add a yoghurt sauce. Perfect with a barrique Abruzzo white wine.