Green olives in brine

Verdi in Salamoia
Verdi in Salamoia

Green Olives in brine

Intosso olives


The ancient variety Intosso offers splendid fruit olives of medium size, with the right hardness, tasty and tempting. We preserve them in brine after a careful treatment to remove the originally bitter taste.

Our farm is carefully maintaining the antique fruit olive varieties and we especially care for this rustique and mythical Intosso fruit tree, which can also be used for producing olive oil. But our traditions always used Intosso for making “treated olives”.

The Intosso olives are not only a teaser for the tongue, above all they are true examples of our gastronomic history.

Packaging units Amount per box
Jar Kg 2 4
Jar Kg 1 4
Jar Kg 0.350 12