Saffron oil

Olio Zafferano
Olio Zafferano

Saffron Oil

The gold of Abruzzo


Dressing made from Olio di oliva extravergine and Saffron “in fili” from the plateau of Navelli near the Gran Sasso mountains. Product of high gastronomic value obtained through an infusion of saffron in extra virgin olive oil, without addition of aromas or other additives, not filtered but naturally decanted.

Uniting the world's best saffron, the “oro d´Abruzzo” and the excellent extra virgin olive oil from the variety Gentile di Chieti creates a unique dressing: an elixir of rare balance. Fruity for the Olives Gentile di Chieti and typically bitter and aromatic for the precious saffron makes us think of antique alchemies for its magic taste.

Can be used for delicate vinaigrettes, to marinate fish or vegetables, fried or grilled (scapèce), to flavour first courses, pasta and risotto. Adds a touch of class to white meat and to try as well for rustic desserts and salads, bread and focaccia.

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