Porcino oil

Olio ai funghi porcini
Olio ai funghi porcini

Porcino Oil

Boletus edulis, Boletus reticulatus


Dressing, obtained by maceration of first class dried porcini - Boletus edulis, Boletus reticulatus, in extra virgin olive oil. All the aroma created by the drying of the porcino is being trapped in our high quality olive oil made by cold extraction from olives Gentile di Chieti.

This product of high gastronomic value does not contain additives of any kind.

We recommend to use it either raw or cooked only for very short time, for hot or cold dishes. Good to add aroma to stuffings, flavour meat and first courses. Enhances the taste of all the dishes, that require the use of porcini. Perfect for pasta and risotto.

Packaging units Amount per box
Bottle lt.0.250 12
Bottle ml 50 48/105