Organic oil

Olio D.O.P. Biologico
Olio D.O.P. Biologico

Organic Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Organic Farming


Discover a land enriched by century old trees. You will find a memory, rugged and wild, speaking of ancient perfumes and legends.

Embraced by the maternal Maiella Mountains, you find olive varieties like Gentile di Chieti , Intosso and Leccino in a rare harmony, with a sweet and fruity aspect and a hint of almonds. The precious divine aroma of an all organic olive oil extra vergine. A true nectar of olives, honored and protected.

The special climate near the mountains at high altitude reduces olive pests. We are harvesting the olives early before ripening and processing the fruits at cold extraction right away without delays. We do not filter the oil, just decanter naturally and most important, our oil is a fruit of passion.

To maintain the quality, we recommend to keep the oil at a temperature from 12 to 25 degrees celsius away from direct light and high temperatures.

Packaging units Amount per box
Bottle lt.0.500 6