Orange oil

Olio all'arancia
Olio all'arancia

Orange Oil

Oil with vitamin C


Product of highest gastronomic quality, obtained by simultaneously processing olives Gentile di Chieti and fresh oranges. Applying completely artisanal techniques the oil is made by traditional cold extraction, from olives Gentile di Chieti and fresh oranges.

Olio all´arancia is not considered an aromatic oil and not a sauce from oil and citrus fruit. Instead it's a kind of elixir made following a unique technique of extraction that adds the elegant taste of the orange peel´s aromatic essences to the olive oil.

This oil was made without addition of aromas or other additives, not filtered but naturally decanted. To be used for sauce vinaigrettes and on white meat as well as fish.

Packaging units Amount per box
Bottle lt.0.500 12
Bottle lt.0.250 12
Bottle ml.50 48/105