Olive oil with garlic and hot peppers

Aglio e peperoncino
Aglio e peperoncino

Olive Oil with Garlic and Hot Peppers

Classic dressing


This is a classic dressing used in the traditional Italian cuisine, obtained by macerating garlic and hot pepper in extra virgin olive oil from olives Gentile di Chieti, without addition of any aromas. The simplicity of the preparation and its genuine character of the product perfectly match the quality of traditional dishes.

Wonderful composition of garlic and hot pepper, best with parsley or rosemary added which renders the dishes even more tasty but also easier to digest, especially for who has problems to digest garlic.

We recommend to use it raw on salads and antipasti. Slightly cooked or added at the end of cooking to first courses made from pulses and cereals. Dressing for fish or meat carpaccio. Enhances the taste of grilled vegetables or meat. Its most obvious destination: a fuming hot spaghetti dish.

Packaging units Amount per box
Bottiglia da lt.0.500 12
Bottiglia da lt.0.250 12
Bottiglia da ml.50 48/105