Hot pepper oil

Olio al Peperoncino
Olio al Peperoncino

Hot pepper Oil

Malicious and intriguing


In our dialect, hot pepper is called “Lu diavëlèllë” (little devil) reflecting its inflaming power, malicious and intriguing. Many traditional abruzzo dishes cannot be without its spicy contribution.

We have added this precious fruit to our olive mill´s extra virgin olive oil made by cold extraction of olives Gentile di Chieti, obtaining a stimulant oil.

We use olio al peperoncino for first courses, especially on dishes with pulses, on bruschetta from roasted bred. Perfectly adds to sauces and spicy dips, meat stews and to all the dishes, that are served in a warm and happy atmosphere.

Best if added at the end of cooking, to make sure the aroma in not lost.

Packaging units Amount per box
Bottle lt.0.500 12
Bottle lt.0.250 12
Bottle ml.50 48/105