Garlic oil

Olio all'aglio
Olio all\'aglio

Garlic Oil

Full of many healthy properties


We have transferred the many healthy properties and the garlic aroma into our extra virgin olive oil, obtained following artisanal techniques and cold extraction from olives Gentile di Chieti.

The typically sweet taste of our oil softens the strong taste of the garlic and the resulting dressing becomes harmonious and refined, perfectly adapted for who has problems digesting the precious bulb.

Recommended for all dishes that require garlic: we use it, preferably raw, on fish dishes, for sauces, at the end of cooking added to cereal or pulse soups, on first or second course dishes using tomatoes, on pizza mixed with parsley and last but not least on antipasti made from roasted bred.

Packaging units Amount per box
Bottiglia da lt.0.500 12
Bottiglia da lt.0.250 12
Bottiglia da ml.50 48/105