Basil oil

Olio al Basilico
Olio al Basilico

Basil Oil

La Vasanicòla, fresh Abruzzo basil


Aromatic oil, made by macerating fresh Abruzzo basil (La Vasanicòla) in extra virgin olive oil. Naturally decanted and sold only after a brief period of maturation.

Its aroma and absolutely mediterranean taste make it ideal for all the dishes containing tomatoes or vegetables. Some drops on a mixed salad or fresh cheeses add a special taste.

Recommended use on vegetable antipasti and roasted bread crostini. Its best if used raw, not cooked and should therefore be added and the end of the cooking to avoid that the aroma is lost.

Perfect as well on grilled vegetables and vegetarian tarts that require cheese.

Packaging units Amount per box
Bottle lt.0.500 12
Bottle lt.0.250 12
Bottle ml.50 48/105